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@Deloitte After the second wave of #COVID19, many factors are affecting the #consumer behavior and spend in APAC. Explore the… @Deloitte #LGBT+ women experienced more non-inclusive behaviors at work in the past year compared to non-LGBT+ women. They ar… @DXCitaly Live a @FPA_net @DXCitaly con Francesco Lombardo H&PS Italy Account Executive "Servizi digitali e piattaforme abili… @DXCitaly DXC Italia, main partner di FPA - FORUM PA Venite a scoprire di più sulla storia e sul valore di DXC durante ForumP… @Deloitte To truly thrive in the low-carbon future, organizations must adopt a more transformative and farsighted approach.… @Deloitte In the @Gartner_inc 2021 Vendor Rating, Gartner provides a complex vendor rating on various providers. See how Delo… @Protiviti Join next week's webinar where Protiviti experts Perry Keating and Matt Freilich analyze the upcoming security and… @Protiviti In this on-demand session with @PrivacyPros, Managing Director Manisha Agarwal-Shah joins an expert panel to examin… @Protiviti Watch and learn as CyberArk White Hat hackers guide you through a real-world hacking and defense simulation coverin… @Deloitte How can companies navigate the most disruptive period in modern history? Hear from industry leading speakers at the… @Protiviti In his contribution to @TechTarget, Protiviti's Randy Armknecht states that cloud-native backup services are consum… @DXCitaly Il 22 giugno DXC Italia parteciperà alla '#Digital #BusinessContinuity Conference'! con Cla… @Deloitte Even during a difficult year, when concerns about health and family welfare may have felt more imminent, millennial… @Deloitte Concerns about job loss is high in India and South Korea. Read our article to learn what the consumers from China,… @Protiviti The Digital Native CISO is the builder of the IT and security world. Armed with technical expertise, this CISO unde… @DXCitaly In DXC Italia amiamo ciò che facciamo. Quale occasione migliore di dimostrarlo se non mettendoci al servizio dei ci… @bdo_italia @bdo_italia presenta il volume “IFRS at a glance”, analisi dei principali aspetti dei principi contabili internazio… @Deloitte Deloitte's Virtual Mobility Program provides employees with the opportunity work across borders with people with di… @Protiviti The shapes represented here are fluid – just like our approach to global business consulting. We flex in the market… @Protiviti Congrats to Protiviti's CEO @tarantinoja for being recognized as one of this year’s #TopCEOs by @Glassdoor 2021 Emp… @Protiviti @Protiviti is helping clients proactively navigate the data privacy regulation landscape. Learn more at… @Deloitte As a vaccine credential verifier, what do you need to consider from and ethics and trust perspective? Find out in… @DXCitaly L'intervista ad Antonio Menghini, Direttore Generale, Div. Settore Pubblico - DXC Technology, a FPA - FORUM PA.… @Protiviti Ahead of golf's toughest test - @usopengolf - CEO Joseph Tarantino talked with brand ambassador @MattFitz94 about i… @Protiviti @Protiviti is helping clients keep assets safe, grow securely, reduce risk and realize efficiency. Learn more at… @Protiviti Internal SOX compliance costs continue to rise, but the results are more of a mixed bag. While SOX compliance costs… @Deloitte Just Published! 📄 The 2021 @Gartner_inc. Critical Capabilities for #CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Serv… @Protiviti Don’t miss our on-demand session on “In Pursuit of Fairness: Assessing Your Bank’s AI/ML Models to Avoid Disparate… @Deloitte “Knowing that you’re not the only one helps ‘normalize’ being #LGBT+, helps people feel more comfortable and makes… @bdo_italia L'art Contabilizzazione di Superbonus e altre detrazioni fiscali, di F. Ballarin analizza le criticità contabili de… @Deloitte My commitment to allyship is driven by growing up as a black man in America. There've been so many circumstances wh… @bdo_italia Il 31/3/21, lo IASB ha modificato l’IFRS16 per prorogare il periodo di tempo limite di uno dei criteri che il locat… @DXCitaly Alle 10 su, l'intervista ad Antonio Menghini, responsabile Public Sector di DXC. "La pandem… @Deloitte Deloitte surveyed nearly 23k millennials and Gen Zs and found that they believe the world is at a tipping point on… @Deloitte Diversity and inclusion programs are good for society ─ and for business. As organizations like SAP are finding, it… @Protiviti Protiviti is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at this year’s ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference. Don’t miss our session… @Protiviti New Protiviti survey: SOX compliance hours and costs continue to rise. But the use of technology and automation hel… @Protiviti Cloud deployment of SAP solutions provides a fast, scalable and repeatable process for implementing full SAP stacks… @Protiviti Listen to Protiviti's Konstantinos Karagiannis and @SamMugel, CTO of @MultiverseQC on how finding a specific use ca… @Deloitte 75% of Chinese consumers feel safe going to the store, up by 4% compared to March 2021. Check out our latest Consum… @Protiviti In our latest Compliance Insights newsletter, read how President Biden's Executive Order on cybersecurity will impa… @DXCitaly Il nostro Country General Manager, Lorenzo Greco presente al PNRR | CEOforLIFE Task Force | Kick-off Meeting 16 Gi… @Protiviti Join Protiviti's Perry Keating and Matt Freilich as they analyze the upcoming NIST IoT security and compliance requ… @DXCitaly Why cities are creating digital twins #WeAreDXC #PublicSector @Protiviti #CIOs are key in permeating an agile mindset in an organization. See how organizations can ensure support of #Agile… @DXCitaly #WeAreDXC @Protiviti Join Protiviti's Anya Drake and Kevin Leicht as they outline the benefits of continuous monitoring compared to trad… @Deloitte Women of color continue to face more non-inclusive workplace behaviors and are more likely to say they have their j… @DXCitaly Alcuni momenti della virtual roundtable di ServiceNow & DXC Italia svoltosi ieri con Lorenzo Greco, Country general… @bdo_italia Nei prossimi mesi la direttiva UE sul whistleblowing diventerà legge nei 27 Paesi membri. BDO farà il punto sull' i… @Protiviti Are you a (Cyber) Security Professional? Join us for the Virtual Attack & Defend - The Endpoint Threat. Watch and l… @Protiviti The CISO Next initiative provides diverse perspectives and cross-industry resources that enable security leaders to… @Protiviti As offices reopen, now is the time to ask questions about the future workplace. For guidance, read our latest issue… @Protiviti Protiviti's Managing Director Samir Datt provides recommendations on which major IT budget-cutting mistakes to avo… @Deloitte Deloitte is recognized as a leader in the 2020 Oracle Cloud Implementation Services IDC MarketScape. Discover why i… @Protiviti While automation reduces the need for workers in some areas of M&D operations, it also drives up the demand for pro… @Deloitte Did you know that diversity and inclusion programs help transform your workforce to perform at its full potential?… @Deloitte Meet Beth Dewitt. Her background in anthropology and interest in advocating for better health policy led her to a c… @Protiviti Register for SIFMA’s DEI Leadership Virtual Summit on June 16 – 17 and listen to Protiviti’s Kim Bozzella as she jo… @Protiviti Don't miss Protiviti's Gordon Braun, as he explains a model that can be used to begin or accelerate a path to becom… @bdo_italia BDO ha supportato ABUS nel completamento dell'acquisizione di Maxi Studio. Siamo particolarmente orgogliosi del lav… @DXCitaly Virtual roundtable ServiceNow & DXC Italia "Optimize Service Operation: Fornire servizi scalabili, aumentando la pr… @Consiliacfo 🚗🛴 Un evento gratuito promosso da Consilia, @ACI_Italia e Bretus Consulting. L'iniziativa comprende esercitazioni s… @DXCitaly 25 Giugno, 2021 dalle 09:00 alle 10:30, il talk di approfondimento a cura di DXC Italia, main partner di… @Deloitte “I get a lot of ‘I never would have guessed.’ I mean, is that supposed to be a compliment?” Listen to Alejandro’s s… @Deloitte Through our WorldClass programs, @Deloitte is making progress towards #SDG4 by providing opportunity & education to… @Protiviti Register for SIFMA’s DEI Leadership Virtual Summit on June 16 – 17 and listen to Protiviti’s Kim Bozzella as she jo… @Protiviti As the global business community works toward economic recovery, what does global mobility look like? Protiviti's D… @Deloitte How are the rising anxiety levels of #consumers from APAC countries affecting their shopping behaviors? Find out in… @Protiviti Tomorrow, join Robert Hirth as he details how internal audit can play a valuable role in providing expanded ERM act… @DXCitaly Nel mondo digitale, le organizzazioni del settore pubblico hanno bisogno di un approccio più efficace - un approcci… @Protiviti Tune into our newest Powerful Insights "Future of Risk Analytics: Empowering Intelligent Decision Making" podcast t… @Deloitte As many as 29% of women who say their career isn’t progressing as fast as they would like it to cite poor… @DXCitaly DXC Italia è main partener di FPA - FORUM PA 2021, l'evento nazionale più importante dedicato al tema della moderni…
Assoconsult si impegna a diffondere in Italia la conoscenza delle migliori tecniche di management per accrescere efficienza e competitività delle aziende e della Pubblica Amministrazione. Ciò significa anche rafforzare e sviluppare internamente maggiore consapevolezza della professione e potenziarne costantemente la qualificazione. Per questo l’Associazione è attiva nel promuovere la qualità dell’immagine, la difesa del ruolo, lo sviluppo e la formazione dei consulenti.

La missione di Assoconsult è dare valore alla Consulenza, supportando in modo visibile ed efficace le organizzazioni di tutti i comparti pubblici e privati per accrescere la capacità competitiva globale del sistema Italia.