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@Deloitte We're excited to launch the 2019 Deloitte Global #tech, #media & #telecom predictions! Explore the top trends and t… @adlittle Will the #EU be increasingly dependent on imported gas supplies? In this new report, we discuss the proposed Gas D… @adlittle Are patient needs driving a move toward hyper-specialized hospitals? Watch our one-minute overview on the… @Deloitte We hope this chat sparked some thoughts around #education. If you or someone you know has a great idea for addressi… @Deloitte @Negomezal @OneYoungWorld @gbceducation Thanks so much for joining 😀 #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte Special thanks to our guest and co-host @gbceducation & @OneYoungWorld, and special guests, @JamiraBurley,… @Deloitte Great questions everyone! That wraps up our chat for today - time flies when you're having fun! Thank you to everyo… @adlittle Here, we discuss the challenges #Lebanon faces as the country tackles waste management, illegal dumping and burning… @Deloitte We’ll start: @JamiraBurley, @KateatOYW, @DavidJonesOYW: How can we best accelerate initiatives like the #Lead2030 c… @BipItalia Come ottimizzare l’#EmployeeExperience? Risponde Rosario Sica, CEO di OpenKnowledge, con un’analisi pubblicata su H… @Deloitte OK, now it’s time to ask questions to our special guests’ @Kateatoyw, @DavidJonesOYW & @JamiraBurley! Tweet them yo… @Deloitte Time for another poll: Do you feel like your company currently invests in training and development for employees? #Lead2030 #YouthSkills4IR @Deloitte A3.2/2 Through our World Class initiative we’re applying our experience to empower more people through education, s… @Deloitte A3.1/2 We do believe businesses have a responsibility to address this issue. This is something near and dear to Del… @Deloitte Q3. How can businesses do to help to bridge the skills gap, and how can they better support youth? #Lead2030… @Deloitte Let’s get this group’s opinion – time for our next poll! Out of these solutions: What do you think will have the gr… @Deloitte A2. Our report w/ @GBCeducation calls on the business community to take a more proactive role in preparing today’s… @Deloitte A2. We see an opportunity to upskill our workforce in 4 skill categories that will make the greatest impact in 4IR:… @Deloitte Thanks everyone for a great discussion so far! @GBCeducation, we’re ready for Q2! #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte This leads us to our first chat poll! Vote: How big a role you think businesses should play in training their young… @Deloitte A1. Our 2018 Millennial Survey showed that only 36% of millennials believe they have all the skills they’ll need fo… @Deloitte A1. There is clearly a disconnect between the demand for certain jobs in the future and the skills we’re currently… @Deloitte @greeshmbiswal Welcome to the #TwitterChat! #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte A1. And it’s affecting businesses too! According to the @educommission, 40% of employers worldwide already find it… @Deloitte Let's get started! Q1. Why do you think the issue of the youth skills gap so important to address? #YouthSkills4IR… @Deloitte Great to have you here, @JamiraBurley #Lead2030 #YouthSkills4IR @Deloitte Chat tip: include “A” and whatever number question you’re responding to. Ex: A1 for Q1. #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte Finally, we have two guests joining us for a special Q&A: @JamiraBurley, Head of Youth Engagement & Skills… @Deloitte At Deloitte, we’re excited to participate in #Lead2030 in collaboration w/ @GBCeducation by sponsoring the initiati… @adlittle Don’t miss the latest report on our Breakthrough Incubator service. Read it here: #innovation @Deloitte We also have a featured guest, @OneYoungWorld, who recently launched their #Lead2030 challenge aimed at finding you… @Deloitte We’re excited to welcome our special guest and co-host @gbceducation, who we’ve recently partnered with to develop… @Deloitte Let’s get know who’s here. Take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the chat. #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte Welcome everyone to the #TwitterChat on the youth skills gap! Follow along and join the conversation using the has… @Deloitte @AntonyDiS @JamiraBurley @OneYoungWorld @gbceducation Hi Antony, you can apply here: 😀#YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte ONE MINUTE TO GO. Get ready to chat #YouthSkills4IR w/ Deloitte @gbceducation & @OneYoungWorld. #Lead2030 @Deloitte In FIVE MINUTES: Join Deloitte, @gbceducation, & @OneYoungWorld for our #YouthSkills4IR #TwitterChat and let's talk… @Deloitte T minus 10 minutes: Our #TwitterChat series kicks off! Join us, @GBCeducation, and @OneYoungWorld to talk… @Deloitte In 15 min: Join us, @GBCeducation and @OneYoungWorld for a #TwitterChat about how we're preparing youth for the fou… @Deloitte In 30 min: We'll be joined by @GBCeducation and @OneYoungWorld to discuss the youth skills gap. Follow #YouthSkills… @Deloitte In 60 min: Join our #YouthSkills4IR #TwitterChat w/ co-host @GBCEducation & featured guest, @OneYoungWorld. Let's t… @Deloitte Are you ready to talk quality education for our youth? Today at 9am EST/2pm GMT: Join the #YouthSkills4IR… @sintexselezione @adlittle The Earth observation sector is expected to continue its double-digit growth. Find out more in our new series:… @AntaresComo La cliente #UniCredit e le due #polizze acquistate «a sua insaputa» di @sole24ore @Deloitte Today: Join our #TwitterChat discussing the youth skills gap. Kicks off at 9am EST/2pm GMT w/ @OneYoungWorld &… @Deloitte The @OneYoungWorld #Lead2030 challenge is seeking applications for youth-led solutions to the #SDGs. Learn more abo… @Deloitte Ranking the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific @BTOResearch Over the years, the number of #PMOs has risen along with the number of #projects. Nowadays, almost all #companies h… @adlittle What is the way forward for telecoms data monetization? Read our latest research and analysis: #Telecoms #BigData @adlittle What impact is the #ElectricVehicle market having on the oil industry? Read our viewpoint here: #Automotive #EVs @Deloitte Are legal teams prepared for rapid technology adoption in order to keep pace with a rapidly changing world? Read th… @adlittle The Department of Information and Communications Technology in the #Philippines has announced that the Philippines… @adlittle In our new report on open banking, we discuss: • New technologies • Regulatory pressure • Digital native solutions… @AntaresComo #Mutuo, perché il 90% degli italiani sceglie quello a tasso fisso di @sole24ore @Deloitte Fully #autonomous aerial #passengervehicles will be safe. Do you agree? Explore what our recent #FutureofMobility r… @AntaresComo Buon #lunedi e buona settimana! #quotes #AntaresComo #10Dicembre #MondayMotivation @Deloitte In the past, the #FoW conversation has heavily relied on insights from organisations. This time, hear from the voic… @BipItalia Gli “Innovation Tool” sono un elemento imprescindibile per fare Innovation Management: dieci sfumature dell'… @adlittle Unlike aggregators, utility companies have access to portfolios of existing customers with insight into their curre… @Deloitte Is quality education for our youth important to you? You're invited to join our #TwitterChat on 11 Dec. to share yo… @Deloitte What can business communities do to ensure young people are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow? Share your views dur… @Deloitte How can #digitaltechnologies be leveraged to engage with employees? #Watch this conversation between Deloitte’s… @AntaresComo Abbiamo maturato una pluriennale esperienza nel diritto bancario. Offriamo il supporto necessario per la consulenza… @Deloitte About 50 percent of survey respondents view aerial #passengervehicles as a plausible solution to #trafficcongestion… @Deloitte Only 56% of Legal executives say their function is investing in technology to improve efficiency and cut costs. Rea… @Deloitte Join our #TwitterChat to discuss the youth skills gap w/ special guest @JamiraBurley & @kateatoyw. Live Q&A kicks… @Deloitte Explore how the parking experience could be the next aspect of modern life to be upended by new technologies and bu… @Deloitte Are you ready to find a solution to address quality education for our youth? Join our #TwitterChat and learn about… @Deloitte Using reoccurring patterns of the past can help define the future of business. Learn more via Deloitte and @Forbes: @AntaresComo A Como vi aspetta la Città dei Balocchi 😀 #immacolata #8dicembre @Deloitte Growing your business and your career and still have the flexibility to pursue your dreams. That’s life at… @Deloitte Staying competitive in a world of unprecedented longevity demands that organizations adopt new strategies to engage… @Deloitte Join our #TwitterChat to discuss the youth skills gap w/ special guest @JamiraBurley & @kateatoyw. Live Q&A kicks… @Deloitte #DigitalTransformation is shaping the #FutureofMobility. How will it change the parking experience? Explore our pre… @Deloitte At #Deloitte #GreenDotTax Tax & Legal our professionals have the flexibility to pursue their dreams while growing t… @Deloitte For many quarters now, Global #CFOSignals has reported strong CFO optimism. But this quarter, their outlooks look v… @Deloitte #DidYouKnow 40% of employers worldwide already find it difficult to recruit people with the skills they are looking… @adlittle In this new report on telecoms data monetization, we discuss choosing the right operating model for your organizati… @Deloitte Listen to this podcast to hear Deloitte’s Bob Contri, @andresws, & @DrsPatrickMaes, share their highlights from the… @adlittle We are seeing an increasing number of oil companies investing in the electric vehicle market by installing charging… @adlittle We discuss #Lebanon’s ecological wealth and the national waste strategy that could preserve it. Learn more:… @Deloitte How is Deloitte innovating to help 50 million people that are being left behind by #4IR? Read @Fortune article… @adlittle Have you read the latest report on our Breakthrough Incubator service? Catch up here: C… @Deloitte In 4 days from now, we reveal our annual predictions for #EmergingTechnologies in #Tech, #Media & #Telecom that may… @AntaresComo #Cesena #Forli' Oneri illegittimi, commissioni e #anatocismo: la banca gli deve restituire 132mila euro @adlittle Our executive briefing series on the commercial opportunities of #SpaceTech is now available to download. Find it… @Deloitte #TwitterChat alert! 11 Dec. 9am EST/2pm GMT, We're teaming up with @OneYoungWorld & @GBCEducation to talk about how… @AntaresComo #LavoraConNoi #Como #Job Stiamo cercando una risorsa da inserire nell'area #Marketing e Comunicazione.… @Deloitte How can policymakers and organisations stay ahead of the megatrends transforming the #FoW? Learn more via… @AntaresComo Nuovo assegno! Recuperati più di Euro 7.500,00 per un nostro Cliente. E tu cosa aspetti??? #fidatidinoi #risultati… @Deloitte How can we build better, more enduring businesses? Deloitte's @Jgirzadas delves into the #LeadershipMindset that he… @AntaresComo My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 Like, 1 Retweet, 5 Retweet Reach. See yours with @Deloitte The #futureofmobility promises innovations that may ease the ordeal of parking. Read Deloitte's report to explore:… @BTOResearch Last week we had the #opportunity to visit the #ESCP #Business #School #London where we introduced our #company and… @Deloitte While government budgets are traditionally the major source of #infrastructurefinance, they alone will not be able… @Deloitte Do you think today's youth are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow? Join our #TwitterChat w/ @OneYoungWorld &… @Deloitte #Airtaxi is likely to be a reality soon. Are #consumers ready to get in one? Discover the psychological barriers im… @adlittle Did you know that shale production in the Texas/New Mexico basin could generate up to 5.4 million barrels of oil pe… @adlittle Advancements in therapeutic and diagnostic options are fueling the trend towards hyper-specialized hospitals. Watc…

Comunicato Stampa - 10 Dicembre 2018



'Sfide e opportunità per la consulenza di management di oggi e di domani'

Roma - 3 Dicembre 2018

Milano Finanza, 27 Novembre 2018

Reportage sul Management Consulting e l’ottimo stato di salute di cui gode in Italia


Concluse con grande successo le due giornate di evento dedicate interamente al Settore del Management Consulting e alla nostra Associazione


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