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@adlittle At our annual executive event on the state of the Internet of Things we covered smart cities, industrial #IoT, cons… @adlittle Many large financial institutions have been unable to take full advantage of cloud computing benefits. Is it time… @adlittle In this new report, we discuss #Lebanon’s participation in the oil and gas sector. Read our research and analysis:… @adlittle Over on our Linkedin page we’re looking at the Smart Hospital of the future. What will it look like? How will it c… @modaresearch ANNUNCI - IMPIEGATO/A AREA AMMINISTRAZIONE SOSTITUZIONE MATERNITA’ - Montegalda (VI) - @adlittle Have you seen our one-minute overview video on Industry 4.0? Discover what the future will look like here:… @adlittle Telcos need to realize that #data analytics is a “must-have capability” in this digital age. Read our new report t… @adlittle Have you read our latest insights on cloud computing? Catch up here: #CloudComputing #Cloud #Digital @bdo_italia 2018 anno record per le quotazioni al mercato #AIM Italia. Superate le 24 #IPO registrate nel 2017:… @adlittle Did you see our report on the proposed amendment to the #EU Gas Directive? Read it here: #Gas #Europe @adlittle We are pleased to be a Partner of the PRO-ENERGY CON conference that started today in in the Czech Republic. Dean… @adlittle We examine the current fiber broadband market in this detailed report: #Gigabit #Broadband #Internet @adlittle Do you know the five key steps to creating omnichannel success? Find out here: #Omnichannel @adlittle Don’t miss our recent paper on creating measurable business value from machine learning. View it here:… @adlittle Great article on @Consulting_us about how US independent oil operators need to rethink their strategies. You can r… @adlittle In this study with @AmadeusITGroup, we look closely at the measurable reduction of airport operating costs. View t… @adlittle What does it take to create an effective key risk indicator monitoring model? Here, we discuss the nuts and bolts… @adlittle What is the EC-Gazprom settlement - and what will its impact be? Read on: #Gas #Europe @adlittle Take a look at our latest article on @Irish_TechNews - "Leaping the growth gap – Why companies are externalizing br… @adlittle What changes will the #SmartHospital of the future bring to the healthcare industry? Watch our short, one-minute v… @adlittle In this detailed report, we examine the proposed amendment to the EU Gas Directive and look at the potential conseq… @BTOResearch How can #Blockchain help increasing trust in #Programmatic #Advertising? Today at the #IABForum Massimo Bellini, BT… @adlittle Can you be certain that your organization is getting the maximum value from big data and machine learning? Read o… @adlittle In our report on creating and launching new businesses, we discuss the common challenges and constraints that organ… @adlittle @Consulting_us Thanks for sharing : ) @adlittle The financial services sector has made significant investment in cloud computing, so why are the full benefits ofte… @adlittle #Lebanon faces a challenge dealing with its municipal solid waste. Here, we examine some of the options:… @adlittle Our new report, ‘Aviation 2035’ predicts the #aviation sector will change more in the years between now and 2035 th… @adlittle Can airports and their industry partners evolve their processes and retain their competitive edge? Read the detail… @adlittle SAVE THE DATE: We are hosting an event on ‘Customer Relationship Management and #GDPR’ in Milan on 27 November 2018… @modaresearch SELEZIONI - RESPONSABILE TECNICO DI STABILIMENTO - Veneto - @adlittle Our recent survey of 150 companies and 300+ solution providers reveals some key lessons about innovating in the dig… @BTOResearch The first day of the #IABForum “I Am Everywhere – #Challenges of #Mobile #Society” is coming to an end! We had th… @adlittle In today’s emerging risk landscape, do executives require a “sixth sense” to identify potential risks? Read on:… @adlittle Most of the new prolific Texas/New Mexico basin oil is expected to be exported, but to which market? Read our late… @adlittle What did the experts discuss at our annual executive event on the Internet of Things? Find out here: #IoT @adlittle We discuss the Lebanese oil sector in this new report: What should #Lebanon’s strategy be? #Oil #Gas @adlittle The most recent issue of Arthur D. Little’s PRISM magazine is now available to read online. View it here:… @adlittle Do you know enough about hyper-specialized hospitals? Learn more with this quick one-minute video:… @adlittle Over the past years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved from machine-to-machine communication to digital tran… @adlittle The dramatic increase of shale production in the US means the country has been moving two million barrels per day t… @BTOResearch We are exploring the #Neuromarketing reality and how it can help #companies to increase sales and #marketing… @adlittle In this in-depth report, we discuss #Lebanon’s strategy for national participation in the oil and gas sector. Read… @BTOResearch Today we attended the #CryptoCoinConference in #Milan: a made in #Italy #event on the latest trends of #Blockchain… @adlittle In this report about creating and launching new businesses, we examine the common challenges that organizations fac… @adlittle Should telecoms operators be seeking out partnerships with startup companies? Read our recent study:… @adlittle We discuss using key performance indicators (#KPIs) to drive transformation in research and technology organizatio… @adlittle Currently there are 20+ markets with at least 50% fiber optic coverage. In this report, we examine fiber optic bro… @bdo_italia #ifrs9 impairment semplificato: tutti gli approfondimenti nell'articolo di Francesco Ballarin @bdo_italia su Ammini… @adlittle In our detailed report about the Gas Directive amendment and third countries, we discuss import pipelines to the EU…


Concluse con grande successo le due giornate di evento dedicate interamente al Settore del Management Consulting e alla nostra Associazione


CONFERENZA FEACO 2018 - Londra, 25 - 26 Ottobre 2018


Partecipazione Assoconsult e intervento del Presidente Morelli

Puntata del 3 Ottobre 2018  di FaiNotizia - Radio Radicale

Intervista sui Centri per l’Impiego, ad Assoconsult - Valerie Schena, Coordinatrice Settore Risorse Umane

Milano Finanza, 8 Settembre 2018

Intervista del Presidente Morelli

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