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@Deloitte We're excited to launch the 2019 Deloitte Global #tech, #media & #telecom predictions! Explore the top trends and t… @adlittle Will the #EU be increasingly dependent on imported gas supplies? In this new report, we discuss the proposed Gas D… @adlittle Are patient needs driving a move toward hyper-specialized hospitals? Watch our one-minute overview on the… @Deloitte We hope this chat sparked some thoughts around #education. If you or someone you know has a great idea for addressi… @Deloitte @Negomezal @OneYoungWorld @gbceducation Thanks so much for joining 😀 #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte Special thanks to our guest and co-host @gbceducation & @OneYoungWorld, and special guests, @JamiraBurley,… @Deloitte Great questions everyone! That wraps up our chat for today - time flies when you're having fun! Thank you to everyo… @adlittle Here, we discuss the challenges #Lebanon faces as the country tackles waste management, illegal dumping and burning… @Deloitte We’ll start: @JamiraBurley, @KateatOYW, @DavidJonesOYW: How can we best accelerate initiatives like the #Lead2030 c… @BipItalia Come ottimizzare l’#EmployeeExperience? Risponde Rosario Sica, CEO di OpenKnowledge, con un’analisi pubblicata su H… @Deloitte OK, now it’s time to ask questions to our special guests’ @Kateatoyw, @DavidJonesOYW & @JamiraBurley! Tweet them yo… @Deloitte Time for another poll: Do you feel like your company currently invests in training and development for employees? #Lead2030 #YouthSkills4IR @Deloitte A3.2/2 Through our World Class initiative we’re applying our experience to empower more people through education, s… @Deloitte A3.1/2 We do believe businesses have a responsibility to address this issue. This is something near and dear to Del… @Deloitte Q3. How can businesses do to help to bridge the skills gap, and how can they better support youth? #Lead2030… @Deloitte Let’s get this group’s opinion – time for our next poll! Out of these solutions: What do you think will have the gr… @Deloitte A2. Our report w/ @GBCeducation calls on the business community to take a more proactive role in preparing today’s… @Deloitte A2. We see an opportunity to upskill our workforce in 4 skill categories that will make the greatest impact in 4IR:… @Deloitte Thanks everyone for a great discussion so far! @GBCeducation, we’re ready for Q2! #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte This leads us to our first chat poll! Vote: How big a role you think businesses should play in training their young… @Deloitte A1. Our 2018 Millennial Survey showed that only 36% of millennials believe they have all the skills they’ll need fo… @Deloitte A1. There is clearly a disconnect between the demand for certain jobs in the future and the skills we’re currently… @Deloitte @greeshmbiswal Welcome to the #TwitterChat! #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte A1. And it’s affecting businesses too! According to the @educommission, 40% of employers worldwide already find it… @Deloitte Let's get started! Q1. Why do you think the issue of the youth skills gap so important to address? #YouthSkills4IR… @Deloitte Great to have you here, @JamiraBurley #Lead2030 #YouthSkills4IR @Deloitte Chat tip: include “A” and whatever number question you’re responding to. Ex: A1 for Q1. #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte Finally, we have two guests joining us for a special Q&A: @JamiraBurley, Head of Youth Engagement & Skills… @Deloitte At Deloitte, we’re excited to participate in #Lead2030 in collaboration w/ @GBCeducation by sponsoring the initiati… @adlittle Don’t miss the latest report on our Breakthrough Incubator service. Read it here: #innovation @Deloitte We also have a featured guest, @OneYoungWorld, who recently launched their #Lead2030 challenge aimed at finding you… @Deloitte We’re excited to welcome our special guest and co-host @gbceducation, who we’ve recently partnered with to develop… @Deloitte Let’s get know who’s here. Take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the chat. #YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte Welcome everyone to the #TwitterChat on the youth skills gap! Follow along and join the conversation using the has… @Deloitte @AntonyDiS @JamiraBurley @OneYoungWorld @gbceducation Hi Antony, you can apply here: 😀#YouthSkills4IR #Lead2030 @Deloitte ONE MINUTE TO GO. Get ready to chat #YouthSkills4IR w/ Deloitte @gbceducation & @OneYoungWorld. #Lead2030 @Deloitte In FIVE MINUTES: Join Deloitte, @gbceducation, & @OneYoungWorld for our #YouthSkills4IR #TwitterChat and let's talk… @Deloitte T minus 10 minutes: Our #TwitterChat series kicks off! Join us, @GBCeducation, and @OneYoungWorld to talk… @Deloitte In 15 min: Join us, @GBCeducation and @OneYoungWorld for a #TwitterChat about how we're preparing youth for the fou… @Deloitte In 30 min: We'll be joined by @GBCeducation and @OneYoungWorld to discuss the youth skills gap. Follow #YouthSkills… @Deloitte In 60 min: Join our #YouthSkills4IR #TwitterChat w/ co-host @GBCEducation & featured guest, @OneYoungWorld. Let's t… @Deloitte Are you ready to talk quality education for our youth? Today at 9am EST/2pm GMT: Join the #YouthSkills4IR… @sintexselezione @adlittle The Earth observation sector is expected to continue its double-digit growth. Find out more in our new series:… @AntaresComo La cliente #UniCredit e le due #polizze acquistate «a sua insaputa» di @sole24ore @Deloitte Today: Join our #TwitterChat discussing the youth skills gap. Kicks off at 9am EST/2pm GMT w/ @OneYoungWorld &… @Deloitte The @OneYoungWorld #Lead2030 challenge is seeking applications for youth-led solutions to the #SDGs. Learn more abo… @Deloitte Ranking the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific @BTOResearch Over the years, the number of #PMOs has risen along with the number of #projects. Nowadays, almost all #companies h… @adlittle What is the way forward for telecoms data monetization? Read our latest research and analysis: #Telecoms #BigData @adlittle What impact is the #ElectricVehicle market having on the oil industry? Read our viewpoint here: #Automotive #EVs @Deloitte Are legal teams prepared for rapid technology adoption in order to keep pace with a rapidly changing world? 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This time, hear from the voic… @BipItalia Gli “Innovation Tool” sono un elemento imprescindibile per fare Innovation Management: dieci sfumature dell'… @adlittle Unlike aggregators, utility companies have access to portfolios of existing customers with insight into their curre… @Deloitte Is quality education for our youth important to you? You're invited to join our #TwitterChat on 11 Dec. to share yo… @Deloitte What can business communities do to ensure young people are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow? Share your views dur… @Deloitte How can #digitaltechnologies be leveraged to engage with employees? #Watch this conversation between Deloitte’s… @AntaresComo Abbiamo maturato una pluriennale esperienza nel diritto bancario. Offriamo il supporto necessario per la consulenza… @Deloitte About 50 percent of survey respondents view aerial #passengervehicles as a plausible solution to #trafficcongestion… @Deloitte Only 56% of Legal executives say their function is investing in technology to improve efficiency and cut costs. Rea… @Deloitte Join our #TwitterChat to discuss the youth skills gap w/ special guest @JamiraBurley & @kateatoyw. Live Q&A kicks… @Deloitte Explore how the parking experience could be the next aspect of modern life to be upended by new technologies and bu… @Deloitte Are you ready to find a solution to address quality education for our youth? Join our #TwitterChat and learn about… @Deloitte Using reoccurring patterns of the past can help define the future of business. Learn more via Deloitte and @Forbes: @AntaresComo A Como vi aspetta la Città dei Balocchi 😀 #immacolata #8dicembre @Deloitte Growing your business and your career and still have the flexibility to pursue your dreams. That’s life at… @Deloitte Staying competitive in a world of unprecedented longevity demands that organizations adopt new strategies to engage… @Deloitte Join our #TwitterChat to discuss the youth skills gap w/ special guest @JamiraBurley & @kateatoyw. Live Q&A kicks… @Deloitte #DigitalTransformation is shaping the #FutureofMobility. How will it change the parking experience? Explore our pre… @Deloitte At #Deloitte #GreenDotTax Tax & Legal our professionals have the flexibility to pursue their dreams while growing t… @Deloitte For many quarters now, Global #CFOSignals has reported strong CFO optimism. But this quarter, their outlooks look v… @Deloitte #DidYouKnow 40% of employers worldwide already find it difficult to recruit people with the skills they are looking… @adlittle In this new report on telecoms data monetization, we discuss choosing the right operating model for your organizati… @Deloitte Listen to this podcast to hear Deloitte’s Bob Contri, @andresws, & @DrsPatrickMaes, share their highlights from the… @adlittle We are seeing an increasing number of oil companies investing in the electric vehicle market by installing charging… @adlittle We discuss #Lebanon’s ecological wealth and the national waste strategy that could preserve it. Learn more:… @Deloitte How is Deloitte innovating to help 50 million people that are being left behind by #4IR? Read @Fortune article… @adlittle Have you read the latest report on our Breakthrough Incubator service? 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Discover the psychological barriers im… @adlittle Did you know that shale production in the Texas/New Mexico basin could generate up to 5.4 million barrels of oil pe… @adlittle Advancements in therapeutic and diagnostic options are fueling the trend towards hyper-specialized hospitals. Watc…
Gentile collega, per formalizzare la tua domanda di iscrizione ad Assoconsult ti invitiamo a scaricare il modulo di adesione, compilarlo, stamparlo ed inviarlo, timbrato e firmato dal legale rappresentante dell'azienda, via e-mail all'indirizzo o per posta prioritaria a:

Viale dell'Astronomia, 30
00144 Roma

Il Modulo dovrà essere corredato anche dai seguenti documenti:
  1.     Bilancio al 31.12 dell’anno precedente
  2.     Certificato di Iscrizione alla CCIAA (in caso in cui il soggetto risulti iscritto alla CCIAA)
  3.     Certificato Antimafia
  4.     Certificato Casellario giudiziario
  5.     Due lettere di referenze o presentazione da parte di 2 aziende associate
  6.     Logo in formato jpg
  7.     Profilo societario in word (massimo 20 righe)
Successivamente il Consiglio di Presidenza valuterà la tua candidatura e, se il parere sarà favorevole, riceverai una lettera di benvenuto da parte del Presidente unitamente al kit Soci.
Per avere ulteriori informazioni sulla quota associativa e sugli adempimenti per gli iscritti ti invitiamo a prendere visione dello statuto e a contattare la Segreteria.

I vantaggi di associarsi

A  livello nazionale e internazionale il settore del Management Consulting attraversa da alcuni anni un processo di trasformazione. In questo scenario, Assoconsult si propone di contribuire, attraverso i suoi Associati, alla ripresa e allo sviluppo del sistema economico nazionale, offrendo soluzioni e approcci pensati sulle specifiche esigenze del nostro contesto.

Rappresentanza e tutela della Categoria
L’autorevolezza riconosciuta ad Assoconsult dalle istituzioni permette all’Associazione di tutelare e promuovere attivamente i legittimi interessi giuridici, economici e professionali degli Associati. Si rapporta con istituzioni, organizzazioni economiche, politiche, sociali e culturali del Paese e della Comunità Europea, per sviluppare iniziative tese a qualificare la consulenza.

Osservatorio sul settore della consulenza
Con l’obiettivo di comprendere compiutamente la dimensione, l’evoluzione e le dinamiche del business, Assoconsult ha attivato un osservatorio,  provvedendo alle rilevazioni e alle indagini annuali sull’evoluzione della domanda e dell’offerta di consulenza.

Lo scenario di mercato richiede competenze sempre più specialistiche. Per questo Assoconsult è articolata in  settori che valorizzano aree di specializzazione affini tra imprese di consulenza con caratteristiche simili in termini di offerta e competenze. Attraverso incontri di Settore, Gruppi di Lavoro e Laboratori tematici, è possibile la condivisione delle problematiche di gestione di una impresa di consulenza. La rete Assoconsult fornisce inoltre un supporto allo start up di impresa e la formazione qualificata di neo consulenti.

Assoconsult crea occasioni d’incontro e luoghi per mettere in rete gli Associati, favorendo legami di profonda familiarità con il territorio nel quale intervengono gli operatori del settore e dando la possibilità di confrontarsi, per scambiare opinioni e soluzioni. Ciò è possibile attraverso Incontri di Area Territoriale, eventi, formazione di ATI tra Associati, interscambi di risorse con specifiche competenze professionali, collegamento con altre reti e Associazioni.

Sviluppo di relazioni internazionali
Un obiettivo di primaria importanza per acquisire consapevolezza della complessità in cui si è inseriti e comprendere quali siano le scelte strategiche più idonee e premianti. Assoconsult è attiva per ampliare le opportunità di internazionalizzazione delle imprese associate.

Etica della professione
La sottoscrizione del codice etico di Assoconsult apporta autorevolezza alle singole imprese di consulenza che beneficiano di un’immagine virtuosa, garanzia di professionalità, serietà, solidità.

Servizi e convenzioni
Segnalazione bandi di gara, monitoraggio di bandi di gare anomale, rassegna stampa settimanale gratuita, partnership con importanti Università. Sono disponibili inoltre per tutta la base associativa le convenzioni di Confindustria che permettono di usufruire di molteplici servizi, in convenzione con società terze, con una notevole riduzione di costi per le aziende che vi aderiscono.
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